Parking Around the School

We have had some complaints from our neighbours about people parking where they shouldn't be.  Please see the following reminders about parking around the school.


Parking Lot Procedures  (implemented May 2012)

The “drop off” area in front of the school is open for families every morning.

It is closed in the afternoon for our 3:00 p.m. dismissal.  Student monitors will open the parking lot for visitors, district staff and delivery personnel only.  Parents are asked to follow the guidelines below. 


  1. You cannot enter the school parking area at all at the end of the day for pickup.
  2. You cannot enter through the exit.
  3. You cannot park in front of the school on Blanshard Drive. 
  4. You cannot park in the parking spots in the townhouse complex across the street as it is private property.
  5. You cannot make any U-turns on Blanshard Drive during the designated times. 



  1. Walk to school to pick up your children.
  2. Park on Cornwall or Blanshard Drive and walk to the school to pick up your children.
  3. Park on Barnard Drive on the west side of the school and either walk to the school or have your children walk up the path to meet you.
  4. Park on Barnard Drive on the south side and use the path between the two townhouse complexes for walking. 
  5. Park in the cul-de-sac parallel to Cornwall Drive and use the footpath to walk to the school. 
  6. Arrange a “walking school bus” with neighbourhood children where a group of children walk home together.


PLEASE NOTE:  If you are unable to walk and have a handicap sticker for your car, we can make arrangements to let you into the school.