Message from the Deputy Superintendent Re: Coronavirus

Vancouver Coastal Health Medical Health Officers are monitoring reports of the novel coronavirus (named 2019-nCoV), first identified in Wuhan, China. While there have been cases identified outside of China, all of these individuals are known to have recently travelled to the Wuhan area.

Currently, there are no reports of cases in Canada. Public Health officials are working together to ensure that any unusual illness in arriving travellers is being appropriately screened. Physicians have also been requested to notify Public Health of any illness of concern in patients who were recently in the Wuhan area.

The Richmond School District has been advised that the risk to the general public, including school-age children, is very low. Medical Health Officers continue to monitor the situation closely, and will provide further advice and information as it becomes available.  For further information, please visit: Vancouver Coastal Health weblink.

At this time, reports indicate that, similar to influenza, this virus is spread when a sick person coughs or sneezes. Most of the reported cases are only showing mild symptoms and are well enough to stay home. As with influenza, elderly people and those with underlying health conditions are more likely to develop severe disease and require hospitalization.

In the meantime, we would remind everyone to follow proper hygiene etiquette during the cold & flu season. This includes proper hand-washing with soap and water, covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing, and staying home when you are sick.​


2020年01月24日 致家长/法定监护人:

温哥华沿岸卫生局的医疗卫生官员正在监视首次爆发于中国武汉的新型冠状病毒(名为 2019-nCoV)的相关报告。尽管在中国境外发现了一些病例,但已知所有的患者最近都 去过武汉地区。

目前加拿大尚无病例报告。公共卫生官员正在共同努力,以确保对到达加国的旅行者中的 任何异常疾病进行适当的筛查并要求医生将近期在武汉地区所关注关于病患的任何疾病告 知加拿大公共卫生局。

列治文学区已获通知表示新型冠状病毒对包括学龄儿童在内的普通大众来说,风险极低。 医疗卫生官员将继续密切监视局势并且一旦获得新的建议和信息将会提供给民众。欲知更 多信息,请访问 Vancouver Coastal Health weblink(温哥华沿岸卫生局网站链 接)。

目前有报告表明新型冠状病毒与流感相似,会在病人咳嗽或打喷嚏时传播。在大多数报告 中的病例,患者仅表现出轻度症状,并且可以留在家中休养。与流行性感冒一样,老年人 和患有潜在健康状况的人士,更有可能患上严重疾病,需要住院治疗。

同时,我们会提醒大家在感冒和流感季节期间要遵循适当的卫生习惯。这包括用肥皂和水 适当洗手、咳嗽或打喷嚏时用纸巾遮住口鼻而且生病时待在家里。