Our School Story

Sharing Our School’s Story

 Our Context

Who are we? 

Spul’u’kwuks is named from the Musqueam, “place of bubbling water,” and is near to a site of a former permanent Musqueam  fishing settlement.  A newer school in Richmond, built in 2000, with 400 students.  Half of our students are English Language Learners (ELL).  We are the only school in Richmond that has a balanced calender, three months in session followed by a month break.  Our breaks are: December, April and August.
In 2010-2011, the school developed a social responsibility program that focused on empathy, problem solving and anger management.  We developed a plan around the 3 Cs – caring for ourselves, caring for others and caring for our place. 
In 2014-2015, the school developed a goal focused on mathematical thinking. 
 Our Mission Statement: At Spul’u’kwuks we are a community of learners committed to developing a nurturing environment that encourages caring, respect, trust and personal growth.  We value diversity, believe in the importance of building relationships and honour the uniqueness of each individual.  We strive to create meaningful experiences that encourage a joy for learning.  We have inspirational words on the wall in our foyer: Create, Transform, Imagine, Explore, Discover and Wonder. 

Our Focus

Communication  and
Personal Awareness and Responsibility Core Competencies  
From listening to our students, we learned that they like school, feel safe and enjoy our setting near nature. 
From the Spirals of Inquiry:

All students could name 2 adults who believe they will be a success in life.
Some were not sure where they were going with their learning.
Most felt they were doing well with their learning but couldn’t say why.
Most were not sure where they are going next with their learning.

From Satisfaction Surveys:

76 % of Gr. 7s report feeling stressed or anxious while only 33% of Gr.4s
70% of Gr. 4s and 7s feel they are learning how to care for their mental health
72% of Gr. 4s and 7s report they are getting better at math
73% of Gr. 4s and 7s report they are getting better at writing
77% believe they are getting better at reading

From an Appreciative Inquiry: What Makes Spul’u’kwuks a Great school?

Students talked about caring teachers, good friends, natural setting, fun ways of learning and our balanced calendar. .


Our Learning and Actions for 2017-18

We will focus on communication to help our students express themselves, their thinking and “effectively engage in the use of digital media (Communication Core Competency).”
Some specific actions we are considering are we will encourage our students to have more voice in class and engage with their learning in meaningful ways.   
We will focus on participating in The Professional Learning Network next year for three sessions with Faye Brownlie and other Richmond educators  to support our student’s learning.
The student’s self-reported anxiety is a cause of concern and is the rationale for our second focus on Personal Responsibility and Awareness.  Our resource team is being trained in Self-Regulation strategies and will share their learning with the whole staff.  We are also looking at becoming a pilot school with The Dalai Lama Heart  Mind Project.

Our Evidence for 2017-18

We will use data from the revised FSAs in the Fall of 2017
We will use The Spirals of Inquiry 4 questions, especially the last two: How are you doing with your learning? And Where are you going next with your learning?  to gage how students are able to acquire, interpret, engage and communicate their learning.
We will analyze this data with a school committee and present it to staff and parents.  This will be done at school based pro-d sessions and on our website.