Our Focus: Using the Spirals of Inquiry four questions, we asked: “What are you learning, how is it going and where to next?”  Students were able to describe what they were learning and how it was relevant.  When we asked, “Can you name two or more adults in the school who think you will be a success in life?” they could answer easily. 

From the Satisfaction Survey, grade 4 and 7 students expressed they are experiencing some stress and anxiety in their lives. Teachers have been trying various strategies to help promote self-regulation and reduce school based stress such as:  MindUp, classroom meetings in a circle, yoga, the zones of regulation, exercise breaks, mind breaks and others.  Our focus this year is how student’s ability to self- regulate is connected to their learning environment.  Our hunch is that given choice and flexibility in how they best learn, students’ engagement and ownership of their learning will improve.  We have wiggle stools, stand-up desks, chairs that rock, swiss balls and other types of furniture that provide sensory input and movement.