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Welcome to Spul'u'kwuks

We are an active school community that strives to create a respectful, vibrant learning environment which focuses on developing math literacy and social responsibility through active student leadership and participation in a variety of programs.

Kindergarten 2022 Registration Opens November 1st

Richmond School District 38 is excited to welcome kindergarten registration applications for children born in 2017, turning 5 in 2022. These children will begin kindergarten in...

Early Dismissal

Reminder that Wednesday, October 13th, and Thursday, October 14th are early dismissal days for Parent - Teacher conferences.  All students are dismissed at 1:45pm both days.

First Day of School

Our first day of school this year is Tuesday, September 7th.  Gr. 1 – 7 students attend from 8:45 - 9:45am.  New Kindergarten students attend from 1:00 - 1:45pm Beginning...

Lytton Fundraiser

A group of Gr. 5 students is raising money for the BC village of Lytton that was destroyed by fire recently. As you may have heard in the news, residents of Lytton were given only...


School will be closed again today due to the extreme heat.  Attached is a letter from the Superintendent for your information.  Thank you for keeping your children home today.