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Welcome Back!


First Day Plans

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

All students are assigned attendance times:


Gr. 1 – 7 students attend 8:45 – 9:45

Return to last year’s classroom. 

Ms. William’s class, go to Outside Door #13 (Multipurpose Room)

Mrs. Toy’s class go to Outside Door #26 (Library)

Ms. Birch’s class go to Outside Door #13 (Multipurpose Room)

New students, please come to the office for a temporary room assignment.


All Kindergarten students attend 1:00 – 1:45


First Week Plans

Wednesday, September 6 to Friday, September 8


Gr. 1 – 7 students attend 8:45 – 2:45 every day

Please send a snack, lunch, and water bottle with your child in the morning.

Students will remain in last year’s class until attendance is finalized.

New students will stay in their temporary room assignment.

We hope to move to our new classes some time on Friday.


Kindergarten students attend according to the Gradual Entry (A/B) schedule.

The schedule tells you what days to send a snack and lunch.

Please send a water bottle every day.


Students will continue to enter and exit the school through the outside classroom doors.


Updated: Friday, September 1, 2023