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School-Wide Survey Gr. 1-7

To conclude the school year, 274 students in Gr. 1/2 - Gr. 7 took part in a school-developed survey to assess their participation in school activities and volunteer opportunities, and their level of self regulation, confidence, and connectedness to school.  Students in Mrs. Hyrman's Gr. 5 class volunteered to tally the data for each grade level!  This data is of particular interest to us, as it relates directly to the goals we set for this year:

Have you developed a better understanding of your strengths this year? (82% Yes, 18% No)

Have you learned strategies to help you self-regulate?  (81% Yes, 19% No)

Has learning about yourself helped you to become more confident in yourself this year?  (73% Yes, 27% No)

Has participating in school wide events and/or fundraisers helped you to feel more connected to the school?  (71% Yes, 29% No)

Are you proud to be a Spul'u'kwuks Eagle?  (62% Yes, 0.04% No, 33% Neutral)

We can see that our focus on teaching about strengths and self-regulation has helped our students to develop a better understanding of themselves and their skills in the area of self-regulation.  We noticed that there are more volunteer opportunities for our Intermediate students and that our Primary students have a stronger sense of connectedness.  Our students also indicated in the survey that they would like to participate in more school-wide activities, such as our recent effort to show support for Indigenous communities and our fundraising efforts.  We wonder if increasing the school-wide activities may help students feel more confident and connected to the school.



Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021