More Opportunities

At the end of last school year, our students indicated that they wanted more opportunities to participate in a variety of school-wide activities.  Of course, over the past two years our ability to engage in some of these activities was limited, however, we were hopeful that we could return to more typical activities as comfort levels with gathering increased.  This year we started with a Student Leadership Conference for Gr. 6 and 7 students and had volunteer sign-ups for students in upper intermediate grades.  We recognized a variety of different cultural days and months of importance, celebrated Pink Day, had student planned and led Spirit Days (all classes signed up), fundraisers, Family Teams, Sports Day, Arts presentations for students, SOAR Assemblies, PAC Movie Night, Walk or Wheel to School contests, and a Student Focus Group.  As a response to requests from students and parents, we also looked for after-school programs that could be hosted at school.  Soccer was very popular and we even invited talented parents to come forward to host programs!

Updated: Monday, July 25, 2022